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What is Vagina-Nomics?

Vagina-nomics is a feminist platform destigmatising pleasure through art and design. It involves a biannual magazine, regular events and a large community of feminist artists. For more info, visit our About page.

How often do you release a new magazine issue?

Vagina-nomics magazine is a biannual publication. Issues are usually released in May and November.

Where can I buy Vagina-Nomics magazine?

The easiest way is to order the magazine online, if you are in London visit magCulture or find us at the next pop-up event.

Can I contribute to Vagina-Nomics?

Absolutely! Whether you are an artist, a writer, a designer or all of these combined, we'd love to hear from you! Email us with your portfolio on

Who is behind Vagina-Nomics?

Two friends, Gaby and Ceci, supported by a group of contributors. Check out our Team page to find out more.