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Spinal Arthritis - Chiropractic Care can Help

Did you know that not only your hands, knees, hips and shoulders develop arthritis; your spine (neck & back) can as well? The degenerative process in your spine is usually a combination of the disc(s) becoming thinner and calcium deposits on the edge/surface of the vertebra. The discs in your spine are located between each vertebra. They absorb shock, hold the spine together, and act as cartilaginous joints that allow your spine to move.

Arthritis is not a symptom of age but rather accelerated age due to joint dysfunction and lack of movement. Common initial causes of arthritis are spinal injuries that go untreated or unnoticed and poor posture. Your body is used to adapting and compensating so no warning pain or other symptoms show at first.

So now you’re wondering can chiropractic care help with your back/neck pain? Our chiropractor can figure out if you are misaligned or have any malfunctioning joints. Scientific research shows chiropractic care can slow, stop, or even reverse the degenerative process. Gentle adjustments and stretching can help to improve lost function, decrease your pain, and decrease the inflammation the arthritis is causing.

Another effective tool our chiropractor can use in helping to treat the pain and discomfort of spinal arthritis is the K-Laser. The K-Laser is FDA approved; painless, non-surgical, non-invasive class 4 laser therapy that improves circulation, and reduces pain & inflammation. Read more about the K-Laser here.

Call our office today at 602-258-8500 to schedule your FREE consultation with our chiropractor to find out how he can help you with your arthritis pain.

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